Sunday, October 18, 2009

கிறீஸ் பொலிஸ் சித்திரவதையால் அகதி மரணம், ஏதென்ஸ் நகரசபை முற்றுகை

கிறீஸ், ஏதென்ஸ் புறநகர்ப் பகுதியில் வாழ்ந்து வந்த பாகிஸ்தானிய அகதிஒருவர்வழக்கமான பொலிஸ் சோதனையின் போது கைது செய்து கொண்டுசெல்லப்பட்டார். குறிப்பிட்ட அகதி காவல்நிலையத்தில் வைத்து சித்திரவதை செய்யப்பட்டதன் காரணமாக அக்டோபர் 10 ம் திகதி மரணமுற்றார். இந்தசம்பவம் நடந்து ஒரு வாரத்தின் பின்னர், வெளிநாட்டவரும், உள்நாட்டு இடதுசாரி அமைப்புகளும் இணைந்து ஆர்ப்பாட்ட ஊர்வலத்தை ஒழுங்கு செய்தனர். ஊர்வலத்தின் முடிவில் ஏதென்ஸ் புறநகரான 'நிகையா' தொகுதி நகரசபைகட்டிடம் ஆக்கிரமிக்கப்பட்டது. ஆர்ப்பாட்டக்காரரால் ஆக்கிரமிக்கப்பட்டநகரசபையில் இருந்து ஊடகங்களுக்கு வழங்கப்பட்ட அறிக்கையைகீழேதருகிறேன். ஆர்ப்பாட்டத்தை கலைக்க ஏதென்ஸ் பொலிஸ் எடுத்தநடவடிக்கையை காட்டும் படங்களும், வீடியோவும் இத்துடன் இணைக்கப்பட்டுள்ளன.


Four-hundred demonstrators marched together today, October 17, on the streets of Nikaia in a demonstration of rage for the recent assassination of 25-year old Pakistani migrant Mohammad Atif Kamran, who passed away following his torturing in the police station of Nikaia. The demonstration had been called by anarchist collectives and a local assembly of the neighboring areas.

We walked through the area’s main streets, passed by the house of the assassinated Atif and headed toward the police station. The large numbers of Riot Police (MAT) and motorcycle forces (Delta and Zita) that were “accompanying” the demonstration parading in its front, back and side streets, were highlighting the official stance of the now Socialist Ministry of Public Order (now called Ministry of Citizen Protection!): To cover up and support the torturers, assassins, the police occupation of the area in face of the appearance of the world of struggle and solidarity. After all, what happened will continue to happen: beatings, torturing and ridiculing of detainees in all police stations across the country.

During our gathering and for the largest part of the demonstration the rain was falling heavy. And yet at the point of passing in front of the police station of Nikaia it wasn’t just the rain drops. The unit protecting the police station also took a rain of stones. The orderly continuation of the demonstration and our retreat from that point was met with the combined attack by Riot Police units in both the back and side part of the demo. The people at the sides of the demo, chained up, held up against the police attacks and locals watching from the pavements and balconies were jeering and swearing at the police occupation force. Yet in-between the mist of the tear gas and the attack of the Riot Police some of us were isolated from the main demonstration and so, were detained by police.

The demonstration ended up at a specific area of Nikaia (”perivolaki”), as previously agreed. Given the police detentions, a large part of those of us gathered there occupied the Town Hall of Nikaia, to demand the immediate release of our captioned comrades. Some of us who left in their vehicles were also stopped at a nearby junction and detained, too. The exact number of the detained is unknown (even if we do know some names for sure) but is definitely a two-digit one, while some have already been charged. The new state doctrine of “democracy and an iron fist” is here in its full glory – as announced by the new minister of Polic Order himself – against all those who revolt and resist. Same as in the gathering of workers and unemployed of the shipyards of Perama on October 15 outside the Ministry of Employment. Same as in Exarcheia, occupied for days now. Same as in the charges against high school students occupying their schools. Same as in the forthcoming mobilisation of the shipyard workers of Piraeus against the selling-off of the port to the COSCO corporation, or the 1400 workers threatened with firing at the shipyards of Skaramangas, in Attica.

Police barbarity is no more than the repressive version of the state-capitalist barbarity: repression, exploitation, submission, death.

What the new political administration came to largely handle was the social dimension of the crisis of our times: the expanded disobedience and confrontation with the demands of the political and financial elites. No illusions then. There shall be no change coming from the new government. As always, after all. State terrorism continues and along with it, continues the struggle for social and individual emancipation, for a free world, without authority.





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